This is Hubo, the 3PL operator that seeks to position itself within the European logistics market

This is Hubo, the 3PL operator that seeks to position itself

This is Hubo, the 3PL operator that seeks to position itself within the European logistics market

The accelerated growth of electronic commerce that has occurred in recent years, thus causing a wide demand for new logistics solutions; especially in the face of companies that want to grow and scale, for whom investing in their own logistics is difficult and unfeasible. In this way, a new logistics management format has been extended, which allows these businesses to offer a complete and quality service. This, without the need to fully invest your capital in the formation of work teams, infrastructure, programs, etc. Huboo is a company whose business model is based on offering logistics services as a 3PL operator, thus guaranteeing a solution for SMEs and entrepreneurship. Google will migrate smart shopping and local campaigns to the Performance Max format before September.

What are 3PL operators

3PL operators are those companies that offer outsourced or third-party logistics management services. That is to say, they are those platforms that are in charge of the management of the logistical aspects of the companies in their entirety. In this way, businesses can focus their efforts and investment on the development and consolidation of their business, as well as other aspects of the store such as the sales or technology departments; all while maintaining the security of proper management of their products and for their final consumer.

The management offer presented by these companies, as in the case of Hubo, is usually quite complete and covers most of the distribution process. With which they can not only maintain savings in terms of investment and work time, but also offer a more adequate user experience. Since the management will be carried out directly by a specialized team focused on this process. In addition, it offers greater growth flexibility to companies that can expand their departments without having to worry about physical spaces or equipment for storage or distribution.

On the other hand, with the positioning that Huboo specifically presents, it also guarantees its allies a means of boosting their international business, as it promotes deliveries both within Spain and the EU , as well as in other markets.

How logistics works for Hubo online stores

As we have already mentioned, the logistics of 3PL operators implies a total management of the process by these third-party companies. Therefore, as a first step to implement these services, it is necessary to register the store’s catalog with the company through a registration process.

From this point begins the management of the company that, after receiving the products to be managed, begins a storage and classification process. This will serve as the basis for maintaining a more efficient and faster order management. Within this section, a packaging service is also offered, if necessary, adding greater value to the logistics process.

Having the products cataloged and in stock, it is only a matter of consumers making purchases to start the shipping process. For this, Huboo has an integration system that allows you to receive a notification when orders are placed, giving way to frictionless shipping. In the same way, it offers a tracking service, so that the seller can keep informed at all times of the management of their products; which covers order tracking, inventory control and real-time sales management, along with other relevant aspects.

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