World Sleep Day: seven daily gestures that will help your child to have

World Sleep Day: seven daily gestures that will help your child to have

Today we celebrate World Sleep Day , a date established in 2008 by the World Association for Sleep Medicine with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of sleeping well.

The acquisition of correct sleep patterns begins in childhood, so it is important that parents instill in our children healthy habits and routines before going to bed that favor their proper rest.

If you want your child to have a restful and happy sleep every night , make sure you follow these simple daily gestures.

Create a pre-sleep routine

The moments before sleep are very important , since the activity of the day is reduced and the child is prepared for a restful sleep , essential for his development.

It is essential to create a pre-sleep routine since the child is a baby , incorporating habits that will make the child go to bed relaxed and rest better .

Each family must establish the habits that best suit their lifestyle. We propose some such as a warm bath or shower, a gentle massage with almond oil before putting on your pajamas and a sweet moment of connection before getting into bed.

Respect bedtimes

A good night’s sleep is as important in childhood as eating a healthy diet or exercising, so, among other things, we must ensure that they sleep the number of hours recommended for their age .

Since most children must wake up at a specific time to go to school or to school, it is essential to ensure their correct rest by ensuring that they always go to bed at the same time .

It is normal that during weekends or vacation periods this schedule becomes more flexible , but at all times we must ensure that your rest is adequate, both in quality and duration.

tell him a story

Reading our children a bedtime story not only fosters our connection and their reading habit from an early age, but also brings important benefits for their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

In addition, ending the day immersing yourself in the pages of a book or in the story that we narrate helps the child to escape, relax his mind, release stress and promotes sweet dreams.

Promotes relaxation of the child

Practicing relaxed habits before bed promotes rest , especially in the case of children who seem to get upset just before going to bed .

Among the most recommended practices to induce calm and promote proper rest would be deep and conscious breathing, guided meditation, relaxing music or gentle massages. Many children also find it relaxing when their parents lie down next to them or hold their hand while they fall asleep.

Remind him how much you love him

When they are babies, parents do not hesitate to snuggle, hug and “eat with kisses” our children. However, as children get older, we tend to physically distance ourselves from each other , engulfed by the rush , the stress of everyday life and the laziness of routine.

But the night is the perfect time to “reconnect” with our children and reconnect through the goodnight kiss ; a kiss that we must give with all our senses and our hearts, being fully aware of that intimate and pure moment that we are having.

For the child, falling asleep with the memory of the kiss, the caress on the face and the “I love you” from mom and dad is extremely beneficial, because among many other things it helps to strengthen their self-esteem and confidence, and to feel loved and important. In addition, the pleasant and well-being sensation provided by kisses and displays of affection will help you fall asleep and promote proper rest.

Always attend to your needs

There are children who turn a thousand times in bed before falling asleep , who ask for a story over and over again or who always find the perfect excuse to attract our attention and avoid the moment of turning off the light.

This type of behavior is very common in young children, and although it can be a bit frustrating for parents, it is important that we understand why our child continuously demands attention and what we can do to help him fall asleep happily and relaxed .

Promotes a good morning awakening

But it is just as important to make sure that our child falls asleep happy and relaxed, as that he wakes up in the same conditions .

And it is that we often end up swallowed by the rush of the morning without being aware of how harmful it is for the child to start the day with such a dose of stress and speed .

Therefore, let’s take time and try to wake up respectfully , with caresses, hugs and kisses. Many children also like to wake up to soft music and dim lighting, making it easier for them to adjust to the world in the morning.

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