What to keep in mind to make the right purchase of the baby stroller

What to keep in mind to make the right purchase of the baby stroller

The choice of the stroller is a very important decision, since it is one of the essential items during the baby’s first years. Today there is so much variety of brands and models of baby seats that it is necessary to do a thorough market study before choosing.

To avoid regrets, we give you some tips to keep in mind to make the right purchase of the baby stroller .

baby’s age

The first thing to consider is the age of the baby. Do we want the stroller to be used from birth or is our baby already walking? Do you want it as the only chair or as a second chair?

Assess if you prefer a travel system that incorporates a carrycot and car seat, or if you prefer to buy a seat suitable from birth and compatible accessories separately. Keep in mind that the carrycot is for babies under six months, and that it tends to outgrow it very quickly, you will barely use it for two or three months.

Type of use that we will give

We must take into account the type of use that we will give it . If we are going to give it an urban use , it will be used mostly in the city, so we need a stroller that is versatile, maneuverable and light to drive it easily on sidewalks and streets.

On the other hand, if we will give it a rural use , or if we will go running with the baby, we will need a stroller with wide wheels that can be driven on all kinds of terrain and with a good suspension system.

The characteristics of the house

The house and the baby stroller have to “combine” , so it is very important to take into account some characteristics of the house when choosing one or the other model.

We must take into account if there is an elevator or we will go up the stairs with the cart. If so, it must be a stroller that is easy to fold, with one hand and that can also be transported with one hand to be able to pick up the baby with the other.

If there is an elevator, it is essential to take measures to ensure that the stroller will fit inside, if possible, unfolded. There are really very small elevators.

Before deciding on the purchase, we also have to think about where it will be stored in the house (in the hall, in the storage room, etc.) to have a better idea of ​​the necessary dimensions.

The size of the car trunk

As with the house, the stroller must also be compatible with the trunk of our car. It has to fit comfortably inside the cubbyhole , keeping in mind that there should be room for anything else you want to store, such as shopping bags or the baby’s bag.

The weight of the stroller must also be taken into account at this point. It must have a moderate weight to be able to lift it and place it inside the trunk without too much effort.

Folding is also important, especially if the stroller and family car will be given frequent use. It has to fold easily, and quickly .

If it will be used for public transport, quick and easy folding is of paramount importance, as is lightness.

stroller drivers

You also have to think about who will be the usual drivers of the stroller and their height . Based on this, we will choose a higher, lower or adjustable handlebar.

On many occasions it is the grandparents who carry and bring the baby, so you have to think of a stroller that has simple mechanisms and is easy to fold.

Accessories and features

In terms of benefits, it must incorporate a completely lying position for the baby’s first months and at least two more positions for when the child grows.

It is essential that it is comfortable for the baby , of course. It must be made of breathable fabric, easy to clean, fluffy and incorporate a hood capable of protecting the baby from inclement weather (sun, wind, rain, snow).

It is also recommended that the footrest be adjustable so that it can be adjusted as the baby grows.

You have to find out if it includes accessories such as an extra hood, umbrella, storage basket and footmuff, since it is an added value that affects the final price.

The storage basket is one of the features best valued by parents for its practicality when going out for a walk with the baby.


It must comply with the safety standards of the European Community. It must have a five-point harness and an easy-to-activate braking or locking system.

It must not have dangerous mechanisms within the reach of the baby’s hands or feet, nor protruding parts that could harm the baby.

In the case of being a combined system of carrycot, stroller, and group 0 car seat, we have to inform ourselves about the way of installing each one and make sure that it is practical and easy to carry out.

It may seem silly, but when choosing, it is convenient to have an idea of ​​whether you will have more than one child or not. If the idea is that the stroller lasts for more than one child, special attention must be paid to ensuring that the chassis and fabric are durable or, where appropriate, can be replaced.

You also have to think about the possibility of installing a scooter for the older brother in the future if they are very close.

Aesthetics and price

The aesthetics of the cart is usually the first thing that is taken into account, and it is not bad, because we have to like it, but do not get carried away only by aesthetics without taking into account the rest of the considerations, because in the long run you will regret it.

Price is a determining factor. There is a wide range of prices depending on the make and model. Approximately from 200 to 1,500 euros, depending on the brand and whether it is just the seat or incorporates other elements such as a carrycot or a car seat.

It is important to set a budget and make a selection of strollers that fit within it. Once you have the selection, you already value the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

I hope that these tips will help you to make the right purchase of the baby stroller , a choice that must be made consciously to avoid headaches in the future.

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