We tested the Honda e-Advance, the electric silencer

We tested the Honda e-Advance, the electric silencer

Honda e-Advance is the first electric that the brand markets in Europe. Its “neo retro” design stands out, its non-opening sunroof and its high degree of technology.

Finally, Honda entered the electric utility vehicle (EV) segment with its Honda e-Advance, which has been truly innovative and very different from any other car on the market. Know more about mini ne shitje.

It is a small format, five doors and approved for 4 seats . With a retro look and a very sophisticated finish that is mixed with countless very avant-garde and ingenious solutions.

Avant-garde lines with utility format

There are many innovative details that it contains, such as:

  • 3 fully customizable management screens
  • Cameras to replace exterior mirrors with screens at the ends of the dashboard (avoiding aerodynamic noise)
  • Frameless doors for glass
  • Retractable handles that unfold with the remote control or when approaching the door

It has been possible for the Honda e-Advance to always roll very quietly , with mechanisms such as the charging connector hidden in the hood with a cover that resembles an air intake for the engine, and that is opened by activating from the key or from the phone. mobile ( “My Honda” app ), giving access to a single plug suitable for charging with alternating or direct current.

As far as dimensions are concerned, they are really contained and correspond to their utility positioning.



length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  3.90 1.75 1.51 2.53 171

Its interior space is greater than it appears externally with a good width in the front seats , although not so much in the rear, so it is approved for 4 seats .

The trunk is rather small and cannot be expanded as the rear seat is in one piece, but it is very well equipped with two powerful light points, four anchor points and a separate bottom in which the emergency triangles fit perfectly. the puncture repair kit and one of the recharging cables.

technology everywhere

A single look inside allows us to see that the Honda is a great compendium of technology and class, with its impeccable finishes and quality materials and with a dashboard that contains at its ends the two rear-view mirror service screens and the other 3 screens that make up a door-to-door termination.

This Honda has a small diameter steering wheel adjustable in height and depth, behind this is the screen that provides driving information and other navigation parameters, energy recovery, driving mode, speed, ADAS, etc.

The other two screens (central and in front of the passenger, both 12.3” and tactile with the possibility of exchanging their contents) make up the connectivity systems , navigation , sound equipment , various cameras and a long list of functions, providing essential data for the management of an electric car that are also controlled with the app, such as autonomy, charging times, etc.

Other extras that make it attractive are some holes scattered around the passenger compartment, in addition to a non-opening sunroof, and a good number of ports for phones, equipment recharging, cigarette lighter socket, USB C front and rear and even a 230 plug. volts and an HDMI connector.

A fast car in its circulation

On the center console you can choose the driving mode (between normal or sport) by means of a rocker switch next to the electric parking brake. It is evident that in Sport mode the throttle response is faster and reasonable performance is achieved in less time, gaining greater speed.

In front of this key is the gear selector control as well as a selection button for greater regenerative braking when accelerating, achieving more intense braking when using it that even turns on the rear brake light, also by determining the degree with the paddles of the steering wheel and thus achieving the “one pedal” effect.

The damping adjustment of the Honda e-Advance is well balanced, avoiding body movements clearly, for which its high-grip tires (Michelin Pilot Sport 4) also collaborate, which are widely felt in any curve radius.

The address is very fast and precise , thus promoting its clearly urban vocation with enough capacity to circulate in a very dynamic way even on very narrow streets.

With regard to driving aids , it has an important list, among which the following stand out:

Automatic braking in the event of a collision

  • lane keeping
  • Cruise control with four levels of safety distance adjustment and lane keeping control (LKAS)
  • Signal recognition

Engine with easy recharge

It comes with two choices of engines between 136 and 154 hp , both having the same battery capacity of 32.5 kW/h , cooled by water.

Said battery can receive charging powers from 7.4 Kw and powers of 100 kW of direct current.

The autonomy obtained with a full charge is close to 222 km (homologated), this being a clearly improvable aspect.

The 154 hp engine is always linked to the “Advance” equipment , which is the one we have tested, this being the highest finish and containing as standard:

  • Parking assistance system
  • Interior mirror with camera
  • 360º cameras
  • Plus all the contents that we have commented previously

In short, the Honda e-Advance is a car with great behavior and maneuverability, which has numerous ingenious solutions, a very attractive aesthetic, although a somewhat high price (€36,300 including the dealer’s contribution).

Technical characteristics

Position Transverse rear, permanent magnet synchronous
Fuel Electricity
maximum power 154 hp
maximum torque 305Nm
Battery Lithium ion, 35.5 kWh total capacity
Change 1 speed reduction gear
front suspension Independent, McPherson strut with stabilizer bar
rear suspension Independent, McPherson strut with stabilizer bar
Front brakes Ventilated discs
rear brakes Discs
Rotation direction/diameter Electrically assisted rack / 9.2 m
Flywheel Dia./ Flywheel Turns 37cm / 3.1
Tires (brand) Front. 185/60 R16. After. 205/55 R16 (Michelin Pilot Sport 4)
Tires 7×16”
Maximum speed 145km/h
Acceleration 0-100km/h 8.3 seconds
mixed consumption 18.0kWh/100km
Autonomy 222km (WLTP)
PRICE / GUARANTEE: 36,300 euros / 5 years without km limit

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