We have a lot to celebrate, happy International Mother Earth Day!

We have a lot to celebrate, happy International Mother Earth Day!

Every April 22, International Mother Earth Day, we #Converters have a lot to celebrate. It is a day marked on the calendar for all of us who want to create a better world. Without a doubt, a date that we should celebrate 365 days a year and that we have already been celebrating for 25 years, almost nothing…

Why we should always celebrate International Earth Day

At Cash Converters we are convinced that it is possible to create a better world, and not only do we think so, more than 327,000 people who have already joined the #MovimientoConverters also believe it. Interesting topic to know more about kupujemprodajem.

We have a faithful commitment to our planet and that is why we are committed to changing habits based on responsible consumption. You may be wondering what you could do to achieve it when we live in a fast-consuming society, of “use and throw away”. But we anticipate that your small gestures add up, and a lot. For example, did you know that every time you buy a second-hand product you are saving kilos and kilos of CO ² emissions into the atmosphere?

For years we have heard a thousand times about the pollution of plastics, we have psyched ourselves up about the importance of recycling, but perhaps we have not taken into account that every manufacturing process pollutes, and it is in our power to reduce this negative footprint to the environment environment. The key is to promote the circular economy, about which we still have a lot to talk about.

What is the circular economy?

It is about starting something that we at Cash Converters have been working on for more than two decades. Neither more nor less than giving a second life to all those products that have already been manufactured and that still have a long way to go, but in other hands.

The circular economy is based on four principles that perfectly define the essence of the #ConvertersMovement:

  • Reduce : Every time you give a second life to an already manufactured product, you are reducing the CO ² emissions that are released into the atmosphere and we are going to prove it to you with data. In 2021, and only taking into account the electronic products that were given a second life in Cash Converters, we managed to save 14,960,892 Kg of CO ² . And we say “we achieved” because this would not have been possible without the more than 327,000 people who, like us, want a better world and have already joined the #ConvertersMovement.
  • Recondition : We always say that there are second chances that are worth it. That is exactly what happens with hundreds and hundreds of products that arrive every day at the 75 stores distributed in Spain and Portugal. For us, the second hand is synonymous with quality and, therefore, all the products that we put on sale go through a verification process.
  • Reuse: Without a doubt, another of the pillars that moves all of us who are part of the #MovimientoConverters. For us, the second hand is synonymous with quality. All the products that we put on sale go through an exhaustive verification process of all the elements so that we can offer a two-year guarantee . Better than new.
  • Recycle: We are part of the #GreenShop program of the Ecolec Foundation, and thanks to this we have 33 Green Points to collect those electronic products that have already stopped working.

The #MovementConverters in data

We always say that the Movement is demonstrated by walking and we can say that we are going at a brisk pace, with a good rhythm.

More than 327,000 people have already joined the #MovimientoConverters and we continue to add. That is cause for celebration because it means that every day we are more people willing to change our habits towards a more responsible and sustainable consumption.

For now, in 2021 alone, together we have given a second life to 2.6 million items . But best of all, this has had a very positive impact on the environment. Neither more nor less than a saving of 24,000 tons of carbon footprint .

And it is that every time we give a second life to a product, we are avoiding the great environmental impact that its manufacture supposes. Now that we are immersed in the digital age and we do not know how to live without our mobile phone, nor without our computer or tablet, it is more important than ever to be aware of the impact that its manufacture has on our planet.

For example, did you know that every time a new laptop is manufactured, 180kg of CO ² is emitted into the atmosphere? Now that you know this information, you will surely understand much better the reason for our commitment to second-hand and the importance of the circular economy. Every time we release something we are harming Mother Earth and we need this to change now, for us and for those who come after us.

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