Toys and boxes Know More About This Is Interesting

Toys and boxes Know More About This Is Interesting

Have you ever bought your cat a gift and he seemed to be much more excited about the box? It is normal, it is something that cats and children share genetically. In the case of cats, the passion for boxes is such that you can see photo galleries on the Internet in which large furry specimens try to get into very small cardboard boxes with greater or lesser success. Learn more about Pomeranac.

Toys and boxes, boxes and toys are something that, many times, do not have clear borders. But as long as they have fun, what difference does it make if they get confused?

Toys that function as boxes

Some cat toys are slightly more sophisticated versions of their cardboard boxes. A good example with the cuddly caves they can get into and set up all their ambushes. Your cat will enjoy having a space where he knows that he will be respected, where no one will bother him and where he can pretend that no one sees him.

To achieve this, it is very important that you respect his lair and that you do not disturb him in it unless it is absolutely necessary. Thus, you will enhance this security that he feels when he gets into his cuddly cave or in one of the buckets of his trees to climb and hide. Trees are fantastic toys for cats, although it is true that they require a space that is not always available in the home.

The long tubes into which they are inserted are a similar example. Cats usually love these types of tunnels that make it easy for them to hide, play ambush and, something they also love, make noise like crazy.

Boxes that work as toys

We can also find the reverse situation, boxes that function as toys . Simple boxes that have, for example, a side that is actually a scratcher and that makes it easier for the cat to sharpen its nails and easily remove the upper layers.

Best Replica Watches There are also the boxes that hide prizes inside and that force the cat to turn them over to get their food. In this case, they are usually small boxes, usually several, that are in a device that allows them to be easily rotated to get what is inside. In addition to playing, the cat learns to eat more slowly and less, so these types of games help control his obesity.

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