The restyling of the Ford Focus 2022, with EcoBoost MHEV

The new Ford Focus comes with slight aesthetic changes, a larger trunk, improvements in mechanics and a large expansion of connectivity. It is expected to be marketed from the third quarter of 2022 and the Focus ST, the most sporty, will arrive in Spain.

Already in 2022, the Ford Focus, which was created in 2018 and was ” World Motor Car of the Year in 2019 “ , is largely renewed , now benefiting from a major update that will allow it to remain one of the best-selling compact cars in Europe. Know more about hummer ne shitje.

The slight aesthetic changes can be seen in the front hood that has been redesigned with a little more height, also placing the oval logo in the upper center of the grille, as well as the single-piece front that integrates bumpers, side gills and grille, being a little different depending on the equipment level (“ Connected ” and “ Titanium ” with the upper grille with horizontal slats and chrome frame, and the “ ST-Line ” level with black “honeycomb” trapezoidal grille).

Now the headlights are diode in all versions with anti-fog function and the rear light groups are with a dark background and at high levels with light in the form of a loop.

The “ Active ” camper level shows a wider grille with vertical slats, highlighting its higher body height.

In some markets a luxury level ” Vignale ” with leather upholstery is marketed, although it is not known if this time it will come to the Spanish market.

Undoubtedly, the one that will be sold to Spain will be the Focus ST , the most sporty , which will have an exterior and interior design specifically streamlined with special wheels and new sports seats.

With regard to habitability , there are no changes , except for the trunk, which has been increased and has a double bottom , passing in the saloon to 358 liters and in the family body to 593 liters (1,653 liters folding the rear seats), with a vertical divider that allows a better distribution of cargo space.

It is presented, as before, with three body variants (“ saloon ”, family “ SportBreak ”, campero “ Active ” and later “ ST ”), whose dimensions are:

FORD FOCUS 2022 length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
























With much more technology

The fundamental changes that have been made in the Ford Focus 2022 in terms of new technologies added , are basically the following:

  • Connectivity with the  enhanced SYNC4 system , which enables cloud-connected navigation and voice control with natural language understanding.
  • New large 13.2” central landscape screen (the largest in its segment) on the dashboard.
  • Simplification of air conditioning controls.
  • Wireless compatibility with  Android Auto and Apple Car Play environments .
  • As driving aids , they include:
    • rear occupant presence alert (so as not to forget children or pets in the vehicle)
    • active parking assistant
    • pre-collision assist with active braking
    • presence warning in the blind spot , also  functional in case of towing
    •  crossroads collision hazard warning
    • lane centering
    • adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go
    • limitation signal reader
    • Local Danger (alerts the driver to a dangerous situation on the road ahead, even if it is not noticeable due to curves or other vehicles)

The ideal is to complement these driving aids with your  MAPFRE Car Insurance, where you can customize it according to your needs and those of your vehicle.

The 2022 Ford Focus enables new services through SYNC4 :

  • FordPass ‘ App’ , which from a mobile phone allows you to check the status and position of the car, check the fuel and oil levels, etc.
  • SecuriAlert that uses the vehicle’s sensors to monitor any attempt to access it (even with a key) notifying the user’s phone.
  • Free trial of  Connected Navigation and Ford Secure subscriptions , with direct traffic, weather and parking information, as well as local hazard information.
  • Wireless Power-Up Updates.

Thrusters now also hybridized

In mechanics, it presents as its main novelty the offer of micro-hybridization at 48 volts (MHEV) in some engines , maintaining gasoline and diesel engines:

Motor Hybridization HP Power Change Consumption l/100km CO2 emission g/km
1.0 EcoBoost 100 Manual 6v 5.1 116
1.0 EcoBoost MHEV 125 Manual 6V or Automatic 7v 5.2 117
1.0 EcoBoost MHEV 155 Manual 6V or Automatic 7v 5.2 117
1.5 EcoBoost 200 Manual 6V or Automatic 7v
2.3 4 cyl. ST 280 280 7v automatic
1.5 Eco Blue 95 Manual 6V or Automatic 7v 4.0 106
1.5 Eco Blue 120 Manual 6V or Automatic 8v 4.0 106
2.0 Eco Blue 150
2.0 Eco Blue 190


The biggest novelty being the EcoBoost MHEVs , their operation is by means of a hybrid motor that replaces the alternator with a generator/starter motor , which allows energy to be recovered during braking to store it in its lithium-ion battery pack. The electric motor can also act as an auxiliary motor to provide extra torque and greater acceleration, thus improving effort and corresponding consumption.

The marketing of this new Ford Focus 2022 is expected at the end of the first quarter of the current year and its prices will be known when it is launched on the market.


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