The Best Pool Skimmer Baskets To Keep Your Pool Clean

The Best Pool Skimmer Baskets To Keep Your Pool Clean

A skimmer is essential to your pool setup, and you must have a good basket if you want it to work correctly. The skimmers suck up all the debris that floats to the top of the water, and the basket is the first filter that catches all the large pieces. Getting a reliable basket is crucial as it prevents debris from clogging the filtration system and causing many problems.

If you are reading this, the time has come to replace the one that came with the original configuration, and we are going to help you. Finding the best basket pool skimmer is easy if you pay attention to a few details. Check out the buying guide for more information on the best pool skimmer, and feel confident when choosing. But first, look at the products we have selected for you.

The Maytronics dolphin robotic pool cleaners are one of the best cleaning machines available on the market. It is easy to use and can get into tight spaces that other pool cleaners can’t. This machine is also loud, so you will be able to hear it from anywhere in the pool area.


How To Choose A Pool Skimmer Basket – Buying Guide

basket size

As we said, finding a proper fit is crucial to efficiency. Luckily, almost all pool skimmer review products are sized, so you can easily compare them. You can also find the model numbers listed on the replacement baskets, so you can quickly find the one you need. If you need more clarification, you should carefully measure your basket.

Here three measurements come into play: the diameter of the opening, the diameter of the bottom and the total height. The best pool skimmer basket should fit snugly when you install it so that no debris can bypass it and get into the filtration system.

The installation procedure

Skimmer baskets are generally straightforward to install, so you can often do it yourself. However, it’s more than just getting it in place but also making sure it stays there. In this aspect, you will find different designs of baskets. It will be more convenient if the basket’s opening has notches, which allow you to lock it into place by turning it.

A floating pool skimmer basket is something you want to avoid, and bolting it on ensures it will stay in place when the system is off. Otherwise, some of the debris may go under the basket and end up in the pipes when you turn the system back on, which can damage the pool filter or pool pump.

If you can’t lock the basket this way, make sure you get a product that has extra weight, either around the opening or on the bottom, which will prevent it from floating. Finally, there is a simple solution to this problem if you encounter it: place a stone inside the skimmer to weigh it down.

Choose the best materials.

All pool skimmer baskets are made of plastic, but there are significant differences in quality. Some of the best above-ground pool skimmer net options are made of strong, thick plastic that does not break easily. It would be best if you kept in mind that a basket is constantly exposed to chlorine and other chemicals, so it must be resistant to them.

Otherwise, it will become brittle, and pieces will break off as you take it out to clean. In addition, it must also have a certain degree of UV resistance, even if it is covered with a lid. This is an advantage as it will further increase the life of the basket.

Find a good mango

Choosing a top-rated pool skimmer handle is very important (in terms of convenience). It is undoubtedly easier to lift the basket out of the skimmer if it has a strong and well-positioned handle. They are made of plastic or metal, with metal being the preferred choice due to its durability. It can be fixed flat in the centre of the basket or raised when collecting the basket.

The tower handle is a good design solution, which can be found in some of the products we discussed. It protrudes a few centimetres (concerning the edge of the basket), so it is very comfortable to hold without putting your hand into the basket’s contents. In addition, this design is also suitable for bombs. Even if the best pool skimmer baskets fill and become clogged, water can still flow out the top and into the system. It is not good when the pump runs dry, and this prevents a potential problem.

Durability and Warranty

The longevity of your new basket depends on a couple of factors. First, the materials used for the best pool skimmer baskets must be solid and resistant to various chemicals, as we discussed. Next, you need to take proper care of your basket, as we will explain later in the text. The best pool skimmer baskets are solid and can easily last for more than ten years, so you should consider this when buying.

Some of the skimmer baskets we list have a good warranty, which is usually a good indicator of reliability. Depending on the particular basket, you may be covered for one or two years. Also, it’s wise to look at other user experiences and see how the skimmer baskets perform over time.

Frequent Ask Questions

Q: What is a skimmer basket?

A: Skimmer baskets are a crucial part of the pool system. Its purpose is to catch large debris from reaching the filter. This debris often consists of leaves, bugs, small animals, and other things in the pool skimmer.

With it, your system is safe from clogging. This is good because it can significantly extend the life of the pump and filter. In addition to the automatic pool skimmer we are talking about, you should also have a good manual one to get something out of the water quickly.

Q: How often do I need to empty my skimmer basket?

A: You should do it often, at least once a week. Sometimes you will even have to do it daily, for example, in the fall when there are a lot of leaves floating around or if a lot of other debris finds its way into your pool. We recommend you keep a close eye on the basket because it can cause problems if not maintained.

Thanks to the suction created by the pump, debris clogs the basket and blocks the flow of water. The pump is still running, which adds to the tension because it runs dry, while the pool is dirty because the water remains still.

Another good reason to check on it daily is to check for dead animals that might end up there. This can compromise the quality of your water, despite the chlorine and other chemicals you use to disinfect it. It’s one of the many reasons to cover your pool when it’s not in use for an extended period, so we suggest you consider purchasing a pool cover.

Q: How do I remove the skimmer basket?

A: Removing both the pool skimmer and basket skimmer is relatively easy. First, you need to remove the lid from your skimmer. Depending on the model, you must twist or unscrew it before lifting it. Then you need to unlock the basket (if it is locked in place) by turning it counterclockwise. You can grab the handle when it is released and pull it up. Make sure debris remains in a basket (not floating around) before lifting.

Q: How do I clean the skimmer basket?

A: Cleaning your skimmer basket should be part of your routine and have its place in your pool maintenance schedule. Be sure to turn off the pump system before removing the basket. If leaves or other debris are floating in the water above the basket, you can manually remove them before lifting, thus preventing waste from going under.

An alternative is to remove the free-floating debris by hand and then turn the pump system back on so that the junk is sucked into the basket and nothing is left floating when you remove it. Emptying the contents of the basket is much easier when it is dry. For this reason, many people own two pool skimmer baskets. He removes the entire basket and replaces it with a clean, empty one. Then you let the former dry before removing the contents, and you save yourself a lot of hassle.

When the debris is removed, it is best to rinse the basket with a hose. Be sure to clean the holes, so the water can flow uninterrupted when you put the basket back in place. In addition to filtering, it is vital to think about a pool surface cleaner for the water’s quality. Educate yourself on introductory pool chemistry and purchase a pool test kit to check levels from time to time.

Q: Can a pool function without a skimmer basket?

A: Technically, yes, but it’s not strictly recommended. The skimmer baskets have a clear purpose, and using the system without them is problematic. Large pieces will end up in the filter and will inevitably cause damage. This leads to many more expensive repairs than simply buying a new basket when the old one breaks. In addition to the basket and the skimmers themselves, please take a look at our selection of pool cleaners so that you maintain hygiene at the highest possible level.

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