Tesla batteries, for cars and for the home

Tesla batteries, for cars and for the home

As technologies advance in this field, we see more and more possibilities of capacity and autonomy of batteries both for vehicles and in all areas of their use, Tesla being one of the leading companies in this field for years, and even reaching homes today.

Undoubtedly, Tesla is a great company that works very focused on improving the available batteries, both for mobility and for the home, thus trying to anticipate and provide a great technological advance that can be available to all consumers. Know more about artega ne shitje.

Tesla batteries in their cars

Tesla guarantees highly reliable long-term batteries , very contained degeneration and high capacity in some cases.

These technologies that Tesla has brought to its cars have allowed an important offer of electric models in which the type of battery to be mounted can be decided based on the needs of each user , their economic possibilities and the autonomy and use that is required in each case.

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The current range of Tesla models, according to battery variants and possible autonomies, is as follows:

 Model 3

It is the smallest and most accessible model of the brand, being able to choose between:

  • Standard Range Plus: 225 km/h, 409 km of autonomy, from €49,030.
  • Standard Plus autonomy: 225 km/h, 440 km of autonomy, from €50,680.
  • Standard Plus autonomy with all-wheel drive: 233 km/h, 560 km of autonomy, from €56,960.
  • Performance: 262 km/h, 530 km of autonomy, from €61,200.

Model S

It is the sedan of the best-known brand in Europe, with two variants:

  • Great autonomy: 250 km/h, 610 km of autonomy, from €77,670.
  • Performance: 261 km/h, 639 km of autonomy, from €102,270.

Model X 

The Tesla SUV with its three possibilities:

  • Great autonomy: 250 km/h, 507 km of autonomy, from €83,640.
  • Performance: 261 km/h, 487 km of autonomy, from €89,490.
  • Great Autonomy Plus: 250 km/h, 561 km of autonomy, from €97,470.

The Tesla battery under study with more than a million kilometers of duration

Currently under study , this battery of the future could last a million kilometers with a useful life of more than 15 years . Bearing in mind that current batteries support about 250,000 km with 3,000 charge cycles, it represents an advance that can generate a real revolution in the sector , for example, at the end of the useful life of a car, the battery can be assembled and recycled for another vehicle. , even for other non-engine purposes.

Elon Musk’s company assures that it will put this new battery on the market in the coming years , intending to carry out a turning point for mobility in general.

“Tesla – Powerwall” system for use in homes

For some years now, Tesla has been offering its system called “Powerwall” that integrates a battery into the solar panel system of homes. Its operation consists of automatically storing the surplus energy that is produced during the day for use at night or at the time of greatest need in a fully automated way, thus achieving a significant reduction in dependence on the electricity grid , and collaborating in the creation of an energy self-sufficient home .

Depending on the size of the home to be covered, one or more Powerwalls should be mounted, bearing in mind that the price of each module amounts to around €7,500 in addition to assembly and installation .

In addition, the system has an app to be able to control all the parameters of the Tesla Roof solar system with which it is integrated, being of maximum security since the Powerwalls are completely protected, in addition to being a totally silent system.

On the other hand, Tesla promotes its Powerwall system in homes with the indication of recharging the electric car at home , since an almost zero reduction in the cost of energy is achieved with correct use of the system .

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