The larger, the better does not necessarily apply to the fair trade industry. The success of fair trade participation does not depend on the size of the stand area. Even compact stand areas of up to 12m² can be significantly affected if a few tips are followed.

In a nutshell

Getting to the heart of your advertising message to communicate your advantages clearly and understandably is one of the essential principles for a successful trade fair appearance. A small footprint offers the benefit of being almost forced to get to the point without distractions because there is no room for unnecessary elaboration. People from around the world participating and choosing the right exhibition booth design company Dubai.

The lighthouse principle

A lighthouse is a landmark for ships – that’s precisely what the exhibition stand can be for visitors, no matter how large the stand area is. You should go tall if you didn’t go wide with a fair trade stand. With elements over the usual construction height of 2.50 m, an excellent long-distance effect can be created that leads visitors to their stand area from afar.

Success factor light

Light is and remains a central success factor for the fair trade appearance. In the case of smaller stand areas, this component is of particular importance. With backlit exhibition walls, even stand areas of only three m² can become an absolute eye-catcher. Thanks to the full backlighting of the advertising message, the exhibition wall creates a wow effect that attracts a lot of attention.

create spaces

The clear division at the exhibition stand is essential so that the visitor can orientate himself immediately. It helps to create transparent areas, even on a small stand area. With a fair trade counter, it is directly apparent that this is a central point of contact. Bar stools or a high table ensure that the conversation corner catches the eye, and presentation systems such as brochure stands or showcases offer space to display documents or exhibits.

Storage space is vital.

Storage space is essential for compact exhibition stands to store documents or giveaways. Of course, installing a cabin is not always possible, but there are ways to create storage space even with smaller stand areas. The back can easily be used as a shelf, depending on the counter. On the one hand, an essential element can be placed at the exhibition stand, and, at the same time, invisible storage space can be integrated.

Combine online and offline

The use of digital elements such as monitors may not immediately increase the stand area by square meters, but the range of offers can be expanded very quickly. Product images, videos, or applications can present numerous products or services without having them on site. Integrating digital elements allows the range of offers to be expanded quickly and effectively – regardless of the stand area.

Less is more

Compact stand areas, in particular, must not appear too overloaded. Of course, choosing something from the large selection of exhibition equipment such as roll-ups, showcases, seating, or plants is tempting, but an open design attracts more attention, especially with small stand areas. To reinforce a unified image, a transparent color scheme is essential to convey unity without interruption.

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