Patchwork tiles for extraordinary room designs

Patchwork tiles for extraordinary room designs

Patchwork tiles are among the timeless classics of interior design. With their exciting patterns, they bring life into the living room and breathe colour into even the greyest of walls. There is something for every taste, from subtle flower patterns to colourful retro tiles. Exactly the right thing if you are looking for an expressive and unique room design. Learn more about swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai.

Patchwork tiles – an eye-catcher in every room

At Fliesen Profi, you will find a massive selection of patchwork decorative tiles with a trendy retro look. They can be used in various ways as wall and floor tiles and are available in multiple sizes and formats. When it comes to design and colour, you have almost unlimited options. For example, opt for a classic ornamental tile, rustic kitchen tiles or a repeating pattern as a floor covering – there are no limits to your imagination.

If you prefer it more subtle, you will also find decorative tiles with a carpet or metal look in our range. These are designed a little more subdued, for example, in grey colour. This makes the filigree retro patterns look all the more stylish without distracting too much from the rest of the interior.

Not just for the kitchen and bathroom: tiles with a retro look

Traditionally, decorative tiles are mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms. The modern vintage tiles also cut a fine figure in other rooms. Whether as a continuous floor covering, as a wall fresco or as an exciting contrast to white walls: With these exciting retro patterns, you are sure to attract the attention of your guests.

Wall and pool glass tiles are also ideal for separating individual living areas from one another – for example, the dining table from the living room or the kitchenette from the rest of the kitchen. Conversely, harmonious living spaces can also be created with continuously tiled surfaces – provided the retro pattern is not too restless.

Patchwork tiles – perfect for walls and floors

The patchwork tile is a real all-rounder when it comes to interior design. The colourful retro patterns are equally suitable for wall tiles and floor tiles. In addition, they can also be used to design ledges, steps and other elements. Or how about a tiled vanity with a retro look, for example? Check out more stories at our Chill Blog.

In our range, you will find very different patchwork tile patterns for every room and every purpose. Whether rustic or playful, exotic and colourful or more oriental: we have suitable patchwork tiles in our range for every room design. All decorative tiles are of high quality, durable and abrasion-resistant. So you can be sure that you will enjoy your new patchwork tiles for many years.

Buy patchwork tiles online from a tile professional.

With patchwork pool ceramic tiles in a trendy retro style, you are always in trend. The timeless classic among decorative tiles has lost none of its fascinations since grandmother’s time. Patchwork tiles are the perfect addition to a room design in the trendy vintage style, but they also create exciting contrasts in a modern living room design.

Discover our huge range of patchwork decorative tiles and create an exciting decoration for your home. You can buy your patchwork tiles conveniently online from the tile professional, your top supplier of high-quality decorative tiles and current tile trends.

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