Meta Unveils Builder Bot, a Voice Tool to Make World Building Easier in the Metaverse

Meta Unveils Builder Bot, a Voice Tool to Make World Building

Meta Unveils Builder Bot, a Voice Tool to Make World Building Easier in the Metaverse

a metaverse company, this has been the company’s main line of work. This has not only been left with its rebranding as Meta , but with the deep investment that the tech giant has made in the development of this new age of the internet. According to the presentation of results from Reality Labs , the division in charge of developing the metaverse, Meta has lost more than 10,000 million dollars in 2021 on this project.

A strong investment from which Zuckerberg has begun to show results in recent days with his Inside the Lab event ; presenting in this a new innovation project for its metaverse. Alliance with Meta, a new startup accelerator… This is Telefónica’s commitment to the metaverse.

Voice commands, the new line of research in Zuckerberg’s metaverse

During the event Zuckerberg presented through a pre-recorded demo the latest tool in the metaverse: BuilderBot . This particular assistant would be made up of an artificial intelligence system that will allow users to create spaces within the metaverse through voice commands. According to the company, this new tool proposes a new means of exploration to test the limits of the potential of AI in the construction of this digital universe.

As we can see in the previous video, according to the commands dictated by Zuckerbeg, BuilderBot generates a new environment within the digital plane. According to what has been shown, the response of this system is quite efficient. In addition, it has a wide degree of understanding, since the president of Facebook comes to ask at a certain moment for a specific type of cloud for his design, to which the AI ​​ends up responding with that change.

This new project could offer a new series of freedoms and promotions of creative freedom within the digital universe. Likewise, it could rethink creative freedom within the digital universe by offering an innovative tool to explore this aspect. On the other hand, the tool is still in a very simple state of development.

Recall that a few days ago Meta announced that to date 10,000 separate worlds have been built in Horizon Worlds  and that it already has 300,000 users.

Other voice-based Meta innovations

While the BuilderBot announcement was the highlight of the Meta event, other new tools for the metaverse were also unveiled. All of these encompassed within artificial intelligence technology. Thus, No Language Left Behind is one of the most recent tools developed for this digital universe. It involves an AI system capable of performing translations between all written languages.

“Currently, almost half of the world’s population cannot access online content in their preferred language. No Language Left Behind is a unique system capable of translating between all written languages. We are also working on Universal Speech Translator , an artificial intelligence system that provides instant speech-to-speech translation in all languages ,” the company explained in its statement.

New measures for understanding the functioning of AI were also shown, including courses through Blueprint, its online learning platform.

This, together with a new project of an intelligent chatbot called CAIRaoke,  with which they hope to guarantee more fluid and complex conversations in the future. It is “a neural model that can drive much more personal and contextual conversations than the systems people are familiar with today. We are already using the model that resulted from the CAIRaoke Project in one of our products, Portal, and we aim to integrate it with virtual and augmented reality devices to enable immersive, multi-modal interactions with attendees in the future.”

Meta’s idea is that in the future, assistants built from CAIRaoke can support all kinds of interactions with their users, even through gestures .

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