For Dad, on his first Father's Day

For Dad, on his first Father’s Day

Having a child is something that changes our lives. It not only represents an adjustment of our routines and our lifestyle, but it makes us change in many other aspects, such as our way of thinking, seeing the world and even how we see ourselves. Without a doubt, it is quite an adventure.

That is why now, and on the occasion of Father’s Day, we want to dedicate a message to all new fathers who are celebrating Father’s Day for the first time .

For Dad, on his first Father’s Day

Congratulations! Today you celebrate having one of the most important titles you can have in your life: being a dad . Perhaps you still find yourself somewhat fearful or nervous about this new and enormous responsibility that is now in your hands. Or maybe you are happier than ever in your life, full of illusions and anxious about what is to come in the following years.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience that will undoubtedly test many parts of you and challenge you day by day . But every minute by your children’s side, both in good and bad times, is worth it and will undoubtedly leave great lessons.

Perhaps you already know this, but in the same way we remind you: for your baby, you are the most important thing . During the first years of her life, mom and dad are the two people who will not only take care of her, but will give her warmth, love, support and be her safe place.

So now that you are a father, I would like to give you some advice that can help you enjoy this precious role even more: being a father .

Enjoy every moment with your baby . When they are so small is when they grow faster and the day you least expect it, they will already be saying their first words or you will be saying goodbye to them on their first day of school. Time flies, take advantage and enjoy everything you can in those first years of your life.

Pick him up whenever you can. That they get used to it or that it is bad for them is just a myth . It is true that babies need the smell of mom, but dad’s arms are also a safe place for them. Pick it up, hug it, rock it and just love it . He will never be as tiny as he is now.

Follow your instinct . Yes, we often talk about the “maternal instinct”, but dads also have theirs, and that is that your brain also changes when you take care of your baby . Now they are getting to know each other and learning from each other, improving every day that instinct that is part of you today.

Know and embrace the love of a father . That new feeling that is present every time you take your child, when you take care of him, change a diaper, help him sleep or simply, when you spend time with him. It is a new sensation that comes to enlarge your heart and change the way you see life.

Try to give him as much time as possible by your side . The more time you spend with him , the more loved your baby will feel and will help to have a better parent-child relationship in the future, so start strengthening the bond from an early age.

And above all, do not be afraid. Yes, having a baby for the first time can be exciting and even scary in the sense that you don’t know if you’re doing things right. But little by little you will learn and become a better father every day .

From the entire team of Babies and more, we send a big hug to you, who today are celebrating your first father’s day. We know you will do great. Congratulations dad!

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