'El mundo de Pau': new children's series to give visibility and normalize

‘El mundo de Pau’: new children’s series to give visibility and normalize

The children’s channel Clan together with the Valencian Television À Punt and the Asindown Association come together to give visibility and normalize the life and characteristics of children with Down syndrome with the premiere of the animated series ‘El mundo de Pau’ .

The series will premiere simultaneously on both networks from March 19 to 21, coinciding with the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21. The first five chapters of the series will be broadcast on Clan and its website .

Children’s animated series ‘El mundo de Pau’

Pau, the protagonist of the strip, is a 9-year-old boy with Down syndrome who lives with his sister and parents in a neighborhood in the city.

He attends an inclusive school and has a gang of friends with whom he will live great adventures. Her extra chromosome makes her see the world with different eyes, “a pure, clean and crystalline look”, explain those responsible for the production.

This is the magic of ‘El mundo de Pau’ : despite his limitations, Pau will overcome difficulties and leave us a lesson in each episode.

A more inclusive society from childhood

The Asindown Foundation has been in charge of coordinating the content of the series, with the aim of adding an educational component and supporting ‘El Mundo de Pau’ to become a project of inclusion, awareness and learning of coexistence for diversity .

Asindown offered different situations that a boy or girl with Down syndrome faces at school.

Pau’s character represents all the boys and girls with Down syndrome who are in this stage of life. The objective is to raise awareness from an early age to achieve a more inclusive society and appreciate the value of diversity.

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