eCommerce Report 2021 and forecasts for 2022: Sales data by sector

eCommerce Report 2021 and forecasts for 2022: Sales data by sector

Without a doubt, the pandemic has revolutionized eCommerce in Spain. It can be said that 2020 was the year of discovery for many of e-commerce. If they had never launched to buy online, circumstances led them to do so. For all these new online consumers, 2021 was “ the moment of truth ”; to know how many would continue to opt for electronic commerce once we returned to normality and therefore, the challenge for eCommerce to retain this mass of customers. And at this point, the quality of the service received has played a fundamental role in the retention and consolidation of these sales.

Spain is already the third European country with the highest turnover thanks to online sales, (68.4 billion euros) and in 2021, 76% of Spanish Internet users said they make online purchases on a regular basis . The forecast is that the volume of online orders will continue to grow, although at a slower rate than the previous two years. Qapla’ has prepared a report on the trend of e-commerce at European level in 2021 with forecasts for 2022 , based on data from its customers.

eCommerce Report 2021 and forecasts for 2022

Although many are unaware of it, according to European consumer regulations: the seller is responsible for the merchandise until it is in the hands of the end customer . So this boom in eCommerce is a major challenge for both retailers and their logistics to keep up with this rapid growth and offer quality service to consumers.

Back in 2014, Luca Cassia and Roberto Fumarola, founders of the Qapla’ shipping management platform , were aware of the enormous challenge that lay ahead for both the eCommerce and logistics sectors. Their own experience made clear to them the shortcomings of shipment tracking communications and they saw an opportunity to fix it while building customer loyalty.

“ We are aware that the Spanish market is one of the fastest growing in eCommerce and for this reason we wanted to bet on strengthening our presence in the peninsula with a local team that can provide a personalized response to Spanish brands. A clear commitment with which we plan to grow up to 40% during this year 2022. ” Says Roberto Fumarola, CEO and co-founder of Qapla’ .

The service has become almost as important as the product itself

In a market where competition increases every day, the service has become almost as important as the product itself. Especially if the product is also offered by other competitors. Many factors come into play during the online shopping process: usability , online assistance, clear check-out in just a few steps and, of course, a reliable and accurate delivery and tracking communication service.

To this is added that the level of consumer demand has increased exponentially. Customers value and opt for purchase options that provide them with: personalized advice, easy purchases, but above all fast deliveries and continuous updates on the tracking of their order . Which shows that a quality support service is key when it comes to making a good impression on the client.

Qapla’ Shipping Management Service

Qapla ‘ is an integrated system that allows the simultaneous management of a wide variety of operations related to logistics: shipment tracking , customer assistance activity and marketing automation , from label printing to delivery notification. . The platform connects all the CMS, Marketplaces and personalized websites with the carrier systems and thus allows the tracking of more than 160 carriers, the printing of the delivery notes and the sending of personalized messages on delivery to the recipient.

The company already counts among its clients renowned brands such as La Chinata, Smeg, Moschino, KIKO or La Perla , who have entrusted them with the management of their shipments.

Thanks to the continuous monitoring service that guarantees customer assistance , the control of all carriers used and punctual and precise delivery communication through a notification and tracking system by email or SMS , the platform has allowed numerous companies maximize customer satisfaction in the crucial phase of delivery.

But without a doubt , Qapla’s strong point is post-shipment marketing , since the platform allows you to easily personalize all communications to end customers in all phases of delivery that they receive from the shipment of the merchandise from the warehouse, that is, those that the consumer opens and reads with more impatience. You can add offers, recommended products and everything you want in html language or with a simple drag&drop editor.

286 eCommerce shipping across Europe have participated in this guide

Through an analysis carried out by  Qapla ‘using a sample of  286 eCommerce that send throughout Europe , it has revealed that, as in 2020, also in 2021 the market has not stopped growing, although it has not continued its ascent to the vertiginous rhythm of 2020. To find out more about the general growth and by sector, and to know what the forecasts are for this new year linked to the digital market, you can download his eBook for free: “ eCommerce 2021 – 2022: Complete annual report and forecasts ”.

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