15 illustrations about fatherhood with which you will feel identified

15 illustrations about fatherhood with which you will feel identified

Fatherhood comes to change everything in the lives of men. It is an experience like no other, in which they get to know a side of themselves that until then had been dormant, and that makes them grow and experience all kinds of new sensations and emotions .

On the occasion of Father’s Day , we share with you 15 fun illustrations that capture the funny, chaotic, and positive side of fatherhood .

When you find out your baby (or babies!) is on the way

The adventure of fatherhood begins from that incredible and heartfelt moment when you know that a baby is on the way and you will soon become a father. Knowing the news that you are expecting a baby is something that causes enormous emotion, and sometimes even fear , as in this illustration by Pascal Campion , amusingly remembering the moment in which he found out that his wife was expecting twins.

The first days with the baby at home

  • Poor little guy, you’ve only been in the world for a few days. It must all seem very strange and terrifying to you!
  • Don’t tell anyone… but I’m just as scared as you are.

But the nerves don’t go away when the baby is born. They even get bigger and you realize that you are full of doubts , as in this illustration by Brian Gordon, creator of Fowl Language Comics , of what it is like to live the first week with the baby at home.

Dad Superpowers: Catch the baby before he falls

But we’ve got good news for you: Over time you start to develop amazing abilities you didn’t know you had, like in this funny illustration by Ståle Gerhardsen , where a daddy’s superpower is reaching out to catch the baby during those toddler falls. .

When you try to teach him to say “daddy”

The baby’s first words are one of the most anticipated events in the first year of his life, and the truth is that both mom and dad are excited for our new title to be that first word… although it doesn’t always turn out that way, as in this illustration from New Dad .

The funny and disastrous bath time

During the childhood of children, there are many experiences with which most parents can identify. One of them is the famous bath time, in which everything ends up being an aquatic disaster, but your child is clean and dry , as in this vignette also by Ståle Gerhardsen .

That moment when you feel a little jealous

Sometimes my children are so lazy that some days I have to bathe and change them myself. But despite that, I’m not angry. I just envy them.

And after bath time comes the whole process of drying off, changing, after which you end up exhausted and feel a little envious that you’re an adult and that they don’t do the same to you , as illustrated by Fowl Language Comics .

When they begin to walk and want to touch EVERYTHING

Without a doubt, parenthood opens your eyes to a million dangers that were previously unimportant. Making sure the baby is in a safe place becomes a priority, as Yehuda Devir ‘s illustration shows .

When you’re a full-time dad or you have to stay home

Today, mothers and fathers share the upbringing equally, which is why sometimes (or almost always) dad stays at home with the children. And after a long day, the house ends like any home with young children: as if a hurricane had passed, as Ståle Gerhardsen shows .

When they play hairstylist with you

A tender side of fatherhood is that it also turns you into a kind of guinea pig for your children , in whom they take as their patient, diner or even their hairdresser’s client, as in the illustration by Ale Favoretti .

And when you become a stylist you too

And what happens when your children involve you in their games? Well, you play too! And you follow with humor and love each and every one of his craziness and occurrences , like this dad who, together with his daughter, plays hairstylist, doing hairstyles and letting bows be placed in his hair.

Those chaotic days at home when everything comes together

One thing is certain for most families: there will be chaotic days when everything comes together at home , there are a thousand things to do and each child has a different and urgent request, as in this funny illustration by Pascal Campion of a day any of a family.

And those days when they turn everything into something positive

But also, children have the superpower of turning every event into something positive and even tender, like those days when you get sick or don’t feel well and they keep you company, like in this illustration by Vskafandre .

When it’s time to sleep… and they co-sleep

Those of us who co-sleep with our children know that personal space is practically non-existent, because in addition to our son who does not stop moving or sleeping, we are also invaded by some cuddly friends, as in this illustration by Ale Favoretti .

When they grow up and stop seeing you the same

When our children are little, they look at us as if we were their superheroes and declare their love and admiration whenever they can. But as they grow up, that feeling changes and one fine day they decide that (in their eyes) we are no longer as good and great, as in the illustration by Alfredo A.

And those contradictions of fatherhood

Me, when my kids fall asleep: “Stop growing up so fast, okay?”

Me, after they get out of bed for the fourth time:

  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Packing your bags for college.”

And finally, those contradictions of parenting, where you wish they wouldn’t grow up and at the same time you wish they were older so you can get some rest from all the chaos of living with young children.

As we can see in these illustrations about fatherhood , it is an experience that can be exhausting and lead us to go through experiences that we never imagined living or things that we always said we would not do, but without a doubt, it is something that enriches the lives of men. .

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